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I really, really love Keitai Denjuu Telefang (A.K.A “Mobile Electric Beast: Telefang”). It’s my favorite obscure monster collecting series, and it was only localized in English in the form of “Pokemon Diamond and Jade”, bootleg games for the Gameboy Color that had a…

I always wanted to play these but I could never find that patch, even when I asked on a fan forum, nobody had any idea. Hope this gets more popular!

A little help for an amazing game developer.

My all-time favourite game developer has added one of their more under appreciated titles to Steam Greenlight; Gurumin. Everyone who votes YES right now will receive a free copy of this game when it gets enough. I really want this to be made available as Falcom titles are enjoyable and there aren’t very many around (just yet) that have been given an english translation.

Many thanks!

Happynuke’s Nightmare Compendium: Part One

For the past two weeks i’ve been having some pretty awful nightmares on a nightly basis. I probably should have done this a while ago but it might be interesting to note what I can actually remember and why it was so distressing.

18/7/14: I was trying to drive this light blue box-shaped car again. It’s a recurring theme and it’s just as scary each time it happens. I couldn’t brake the car and there was a roundabout coming up. I sped around it at about 70mph avoiding cars that were travelling slower, and flew up an overpass. It was then that my brakes decided to work, and I hit a motorbike, smashing it to pieces. Forwards to when I was inside what appeared to be a holiday facility in an exotic country. There was a swimming pool outside. The floor was black and white chequered marble and the walls were roman white marble with gold shells sticking out. This massive room was completely empty except for a solitary cash machine embedded in the wall right in the corner. I went to use it and it said my balance was somewhere in the $100,000’s (like hell it is). Then someone else used it and it said they had $0. Then they told me it was a joke cash machine and it did that to everyone. I can barely remember what happened next, but something to do with me going to be executed inside the holiday facility for being a terrorist. Always a happy ending…

19/7/14: It started out with me doing a run of The Crystal Maze with Richard ‘O Brien. All the other contestants but me and another woman got locked in (what?) and it was my turn again to run the next room. From what I can remember it was the space-age zone. I had to unscrew some electrical wiring and reconnect it somewhere else to unlock the crystal, but time ran out before I could finish. End Game.

Now switch to the second part which I barely remember. I was chasing some people through some woods for some reason. I beat up one of them and threw them into a river (what the hell) and got the second and threw them in as well. Well I went back home to a house I’ve never seen before in my life, hoping the police wouldn’t show up to arrest me. Minutes later and they knock on the door but they don’t want to arrest me for randomly murdering these people, they have a laugh with me about something and then leave.

Cut to the last part which genuinely scared the hell out of me. I was looking out my bedroom window when I can see a plane in the distance, nose pointing down. It was going to crash into my house. The plane rolls and explodes as it hits the field right in front of the house and makes a life-like explosion sound and everything outside is on fire.

No more nightmares involving killer clowns, murder, plane crashes or giant spiders would be much appreciated.

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