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It’s like trying to steal an expired coupon…

I received an email today that I’ve been having trouble accessing my Facebook account. Funny thing is that I haven’t used it in about 5 years and it’s emptier than a jar full of ghosts. It’s not one of those phishing mails either; it has a legitimate https link (which I’m still not going to click, that would be stupid) but it’s making it easier for me to decide whether or not I want to delete it. I only ever use it for information on MCM anyway…

I never used to know how to use this

I was playing around with Adobe Flash again since I got it nearly 7 years ago. I learned more in five minutes spent making a watermelon bounce than I did back then in a whole day of working.

All this messing around will hopefully lead to something productive like my pilot cartoon featuring talking fruits. This is my personal checklist for tomorrow:

1. Scan traces. All of them.

2. Raise opacity of the black outlines. They will be faded!

3. Find out how to import line drawings into Adobe Flash.

4. Do something here.

5. Finished!

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